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The best renovation value!

Nothing changes the look of a kitchen like updated cabinets.  Now you can have new looking cabinets for a fraction of the cost, mess and time of traditional remodeling.  We resurface your exising cabinet frames, add new RTF doors, drawer boxes, hinges and knobs for a complete cabinet makeover.

We make our own doors and drawer boxes so you get excellent service and turn around time.

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Step One: Cabinets Before: Get ready to transform your ugly, dated or dilapidated cabinets. It doesn’t matter if your frames are solid wood or particle board, our renovation process will make them look like new. Now is the perfect time to repair broken frames or waterlogged shelves.
Step Two: Doors Removed: The cabinet doors are removed and discarded. Any repairs are made at this stage.
Step Three: Smooth and Strengthen Joints: The finished cabinet frames should look as close to new as possible and this means old hinge holes, nail holes and butt joints should disappear. We use a polyester filling material to eliminate all exterior holes and gaps.
Step Four: Primer: After the “body work” is finished it’s time for painting. We guarantee your cabinets won’t peel. To accomplish that, we use a special adhesion promoter followed by full coat of stain blocking primer.
Step Five: Painted: The next step calls for a special top coat. This is no ordinary paint. It’s a modified waterborne epoxy that cures super hard and will stand up to tough use and repeated cleaning. Unlike traditional acrylic coatings, this top coat doesn’t feel rubbery or sticky.
Step Six: Cabinets Finsihed: We supply and install brand new cabinet doors and drawer boxes along with new hinges and knobs. Your cabinets look like new!
Step Seven: Counter Spraying: Now let’s take care of those ugly laminate counters. Counter Coat USA has perfected the spray on counter. Choose from realistic patterns and modern colors. Your counters will look like new and stand up to demanding use.
Step Eight: Counter Sprayed: It’s hard to believe this is a spray on counter. Your customers will thank you.
Step Nine: Cabinets and Counters: The dramatic transformation is complete. What a difference!
Final Step: Complete: Happy renting.
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