About Counter Coat

Counter Coat USA works for you, the professional property manager. We've been involved in over 12,000 apartment renovations so you can be sure we understand your needs.

Incorporated in 2002, Counter Coat USA has quickly grown to become the leader in cost effective apartment renovation solutions.

We currently serve Northern and Southern California and greater Phoenix, AZ.  More locations are coming soon.  If you have a renovation project, let us know.  Your area could be next.

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The Truck Quality service means showing up on schedule with the proper materials, tools and equipment. Every Counter Coat technician has a fully equiped company owned and maintained truck.
CNC Router

This machine is the engine of the door manufacturing facility.  It creates perfectly sized and routed doors from raw MDF sheets.

Spray Booth

Prior to thermoforming, MDF doors are sprayed with a thermosetting glue.  When the glue is heat activated it cures.


The thermoforming machine applies heat and vacuum to a sheet of rigid thermofoil.  The thermofoil is contoured and glued to the MDF door.

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Our Process - Video Link Our Process - Video Link